ATM's and Point of Sale Systems

The Dash Treasury is funding an effort by General Bytes to add Dash to all of its ATM machines and its Point of Sale system.

We will make Dash a first class citizen on our cryptocurrency platform and enable full DASH support on all our products. This will help increase real-world Dash adoption as the InstantSend technology is really ideally suited for this type of application. (ATM and POS)


By making Dash a first class citizen on our platform we will deliver the following within the specified time-frame should this proposal be approved:

  1. Enable Dash-to-cash functionality on our two-way ATM models. (models: BATMThree and RCKit). Currently DASH is supported on the BATMTwo, BATMThree and RCKit models for the Cash-to-Dash exchange direction. (one-way ATM operation). Cryptocurrency-to-Cash support (two-way ATM operation) is currently only available for Bitcoin and Litecoin on the ATM models BATMThree and RCKit. Our proposal will enable Dash-to-cash functionality in the same way as implemented for Bitcoin and Litecoin on the BATMThree and RCKit models!
  2. We will add full support for Dash on our Point of sale terminal product, CortexPay. CortexPay currently supports Bitcoin and Litecoin only but this proposal will add Dash as the 3rd option to an already great POS product.
  3. Did we mention that all of the above mentioned new features will contain support for InstantSend? (Fantastic yes, we thought so too!)
  4. Implementing the features above will have added side effects (good ones!) like DASH support in the blockchain explorer. (yeey! Another Dash block explorer!)
  5. Good stuff comes in small packages! We'll throw in support for DASH xpubs in our products so you can accept transactions directly into your Dash hardware wallet and we'll also make sure the NFC wallet cards dispensed by the BATMThree range of ATMs will also be working with the DASH cryptocurrency on ATMs and CortexPay point of sale system.
  6. GENERAL BYTES has sold over 800 ATMs, over 445 are listed as currently on-line on We will make available a (free) downloadable update for all existing ATMs, effectively enabling full Dash support in all machines sold by us since 2013 and future ATMs sold by GENERAL BYTES. Please note that while we will make the update available, we can't force the operator to configure Dash on their ATM.

This project was funded over December and January and is scheduled to be completed in January 2018.  The project costs were estimated at:

Item Cost Units Comment
Developers 35,000 USD 2 full-time developers for two months
Coordinator 8,000 USD 1 Project lead / coordinator for two months
Testing 5,000 USD Testing / debugging and creation of instr. videos
Maintenance 2,000 USD Reserved for unforeseen costs / future maintenance
Proposal Fee 5 DASH Fee for registering this proposal on the Dash network
Total 180 DASH 50,000 USD 

GENERAL BYTES brings Android, Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies to new and unexpected places. Their mission is to become the world's leading bitcoin and blockchain technology provider. They are based in Prague, Czech Republic and Bradenton, Florida, USA from where they spread their innovations to the world.