Contactless Payment (NFC) Wristband Development

The Festy team that worked on funding for the Irish pubs has gotten additional funding provided by the Dash Treasury to create an minimum viable product (MVP) for their Festy wristbands. 

This is an extensive project that includes the development and roll out to at least 10 major bar locations around the world and a number of large music festivals.

Development costs  €25,800 per month
Hardware costs (wrist bands / ATM / POS)  €46,666 per month
Marketing and Business Development  €12,500 per month
Advertising   €9,900 per month
TOTAL  3 months:  €98,333 per month

This 3 month project started in December of 2017.

Imagine a time when it will be possible to travel to these locations and use Dash to create a new era of tourism free of conversion rates and withdrawal charges! No more dealing with massive fees from ATMs and converting from dollars to euros - Festy is initiating a transference from a ‘Cash is King’ paradigm to a ‘DASH is KING’ paradigm. We have strategically made these relationships with Irish bars in order to get us setup with a base in these locations and tap into local contacts to spread Dash among the tourism industry. Festivals and conferences have already been added to our list and contractual agreements will secure Festy as a payment processor at these events. 

Each time a bar integrates our beta POS system, we will hold a launch night whereby Dash & Festy will be used exclusively by the local community and any members of the Dash community that reside in the locality! For launches we will supply top quality music through our many contacts in the music industry and make these parties a night to remember. This will be pivotal to training the staff and interviewing the pub owner for endorsing Dash. These will go out on the Dash social media and Dash Force News. The bar will be able to announce their loyalty card programs that have been made possible by Festy and will only apply when Festy is used for payments. This will lead to huge adoption rates of Festy as a payment processor and massive increases in the usage of Dash as a currency.