How to Accept Dash on your Website Store

There are a number of options for using Dash in an online store depending on the ecommerce platform you are using.

One of the more common web solutions is WordPress and WooCommerce for simple storefronts.  With all of these Dash solutions you can combine it with any other payment methods you already use.  So if you are a PayPal or Stripe accepting store now you can simply add Dash with no changes your existing processes.

Dash at the Craft Beverage Expo 2017


Dash was the lanyard sponsor for the conference.  We got a logo / link on the website sponsor page and a banner ad on the conference “app” (there was no print brochure) - we were the first banner in the rotation so everyone saw it multiple times. We did not have a table but did have a banner hung in the exhibit hall.

I talked with a lot of people about Dash and its use in business.  Most had at least a familiarity with Bitcoin none were currently accepting it in their business.