Food Trucks

This is a pretty small scale project as it is focused on a single location but if the results are good it may provide a "repeatable" pattern to take to additional locations.  The food truck business is growing everywhere.  Another important feature of this project is that it included the development of a point-of-sale system which the proposal owner has said will become open source once the pilot project is over.

This is a proposal to conduct a four (4) weeks Dash awareness and adoption campaign targeting a Food Truck Bazaar located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The campaign will integrate a custom-made Dash-enabled Point-of-Sales system named HBPay which will be installed at the participating food trucks allowing a full-fledged digital payment experience and settlements to the customers and merchants.

This proposal incorporates a subsidy-based incentive schemes as an integral requirement to accelerate the adoption of Dash throughout the campaign period. Customers will be incentivised to use Dash as they can purchase Dash at a discounted rate and subsequently enjoy paying for their meals at cheaper cost compared to normal fiat cash.

The project’s goal is not only to increase awareness through initial installation of Dash wallet and ownership dash to the local population, but also giving them the first-hand end-to-end experience and understanding of Dash as a digital cash and payment method involving both consumers and merchants.

The project will also position Dash as the earliest cryptocurrency adopted as the real day-to-day retail payment method in Malaysia from the perspective of the involved participants.