Irish Pubs

Sponsorship of Irish Pubs Global Awards proposal will push Dash use in Irish pubs all around the world.

Festy is an Irish payments technology company that unites NFC and blockchain technology by building user-friendly wearable wristbands and contactless cards using Dash for festivals, conferences, concerts and pubs.

Festy has been offered a unique and golden opportunity to be the headline sponsor of the Irish Pubs Global Awards Ceremony on 10th October in Dublin, Ireland. There are 500 people expected at the event ... The Irish Pubs Global network has 9,000 people subscribed to their newsletters with nearly 7,000 pub owners on their database.

The financial impact of this can be quite large.  The typical Irish stereotype is a hard drinking pub goer.  Looking at the financial estimates provided by Festy it seems there is some truth to it ;-).

In Cork City alone, without plugging into the Irish Pubs Global network, we estimate that by the end Q4 2017 Festy & Dash will be accepted in 30 pubs that are all thriving businesses with approximately €14000 of card transactions being processed in each pub on average weekly. These numbers have been provided by our clients and do not include cash transactions. The numbers in cities like New York, USA and London, UK are going to be significantly higher and the scale is difficult to estimate.

If Festy are successful in securing just 1% of the Irish Pubs Global network, then that would equate to a further 70 successful pubs that would actively be using Dash every day.

100 pubs x €14000 = €1,400,000 of card transactions per week

€1,400,000 x 15% = €210,000 of real world Dash transactions will take place weekly.