Legal Cannabis

The area with the most current funding is the legal cannabis market.  More information on the proposals have been covered here.  Alt36 and CannTrade have major projects funded to bring Dash to the over 8,000 retail stores and the business to business market in this fast growing industry.

The potential for the growth in Dash transaction volume is "mind-blowing" the industry is estimated to have sales of $20 Billion / year in a few years.  Each 1% of that is $200 million a year in trading volume.

The technology being developed by these proposals is not just limited to the cannabis industry.  There will be a "full stack" suite of retail technology that over time will be able to be focused on other business sectors.

Alt36 is a payments company that is developing:

… the creation of a Dash-integrated payment gateway targeting the legal cannabis industry in the US through partnerships with the 2 largest cannabis POS providers. The gateway package would include a loyalty program, customer offers (e.g., discounts, free samples, customer retention), federal and state tax reporting, supplier/employee/vendor payments using Dash, reconciliation reports, local sales tax calculation and payment submission, and onsite Dash ATM.

The CannTrade platform is comprised of three pillars:

A legally compliant online B2B cannabis marketplace
A cannabis specific CRM that empowers businesses to manage their accounts and drive sales
A growing database of businesses, wholesale data, and lead generation tools.

Canntrade CRM

Both companies are in a 36 month exclusive arrangement with Dash as the only digital currency they will use.  With a 3 year head-start there should be little reason to offer anything else.